Obligatory Speak out with your Geek out post

And when I say ‘obligatory’, I mean that in the most misanthropic way, mainly because I didn’t even know this existed until just a few days ago.

Oh, do forgive me. I’ve just come from a lengthy 750words session, and am in full overly-sincere mode. But with that out of the way, let the ranting begin.

I am a geek. There is no doubt that I can allow to be casted about that. I am also proud to be a geek. I find it inspirational. Not only does it give meaning and identity, it also serves as a sort of conduit for what some might consider an inner self; a truer self. One who does not lie to themselves about who they are. And I do not lie when I say: I am a geek.

Undoubtedly, an integral part of this kind of post will come as being some examples of what provides this particular piece with some true identity. In all honesty, I had had some trouble branding myself a geek until I stumbled upon something utterly wonderful: Doctor Who. As a lot of you will probably now, this show– well, I might as well mention it now. I do not speak of the new stuff, I’m talking almost exclusively about the Classic run, from 1963 to 1989. Now that that’s out of the way: This show speaks out to practically anyone ripe for conversion to geekdom, and it certainly did that for me. But in my humble opinion, the most wonderful thing about this show is the storytelling. Not the drama, definitely not the comedy, but the storytelling.

Now, it is a widely known fact that the Classic era is pervaded by a semingly endless array of poorly done special effects. The Mire Beast, Kroll, the Myrka, you name it, we got it. There is also a wide range of so-called ‘Whovians’ who shun and disrespect the Classic era of the show for this very reason. I offer that these people have not taken the time to sit their asses down and watch one of the legendary six-parters. Who cares if they’re puppets? That doesn’t make the message Invasion of the Dinosaurs has any less relevant. I feel sorry for anyone who claims that the blown-up picture rats ruined their viewing experience of The Talons of Weng Chiang. The Krynoid in The Seeds of Doom is quite blatantly part recycled Axon costume, part big lump of rubber with green bits attached to it. So what? If you’ve actually bothered to watch the serial up until that point, you should be utterly terrified upon seeing the Episode 4 cliffhanger.

I should probably expand upon this a little more, but it’s nearly 5 AM, I’m on a four-day Independence Day break, and ponies. Hopefully there will be repontification upon later instances.


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