GothNo: An unfortunate realisation and a change of plans (plus rap battles!)

I’ve started GothNo. As I said, the outline I was planning to use was a revamp of an old project from a few years back. Long story short, I began working on it, and it felt very unfulfilling. Even though practically every element was different, it didn’t feel fresh at all. It felt like I was writing the same draft twice, and I was anything but satisfied with how it turned out the first time, so I’m afraid I’m pulling the plug on this one. For now, at least, I may find a way to salvage it, but not anytime soon.

So, does this mean that I’m giving up on GothNo? By no means. Sure, my expectations will be forcibly lowered, but I bring it upon myself to come up with something decent and theme-appropriate through some sort of mad planning session if need be. More than likely, it’ll be centered around the same universe and set of characters I used for the Camp NaNoWriMo manuscript.

Why this particular decision? Well, there’s a bit of a story (no pun intended!) behind it. As I was working my way through these first few days of the GothNo challenge, very slowly due to a combination of schoolwork and a few sleep issues of my own, I happened upon my old manuscript file from Camp. Now, in case you’re not part of the WWaW group (or you just don’t remember), I did a series of short tales for that one, starring a particular set of characters which I plan to expand in the future. And as I read one of these stories (probably the shortest one, around 2-3k words), I realised that I had had so much more fun working with those characters than I was having with this old outline. This feeling, combined with a couple of word wars I had recently, convinced me that I was better off continuing my exploration of that universe, leading to my decision of postponing the older project. Brash, but almost certainly for the better.

One more thing: Recently, I’ve found a number of youtuber nicepeter’s Epic Rap Battles of History playing through my head time and again (especially this one), so I figured that I could use that kind of catchiness for my own advantage as a writer. As such, I have decided to somehow make up a rap battle in that style between two characters from my universe. Since all four of my heroes are rather level-headed and wouldn’t likely resort to such a flashy thing unless absolutely necessary, I reckon it’ll have to be between two of my villains, most all of which are prone to hamming it up constantly. Plus, none of them really like each other, so it shouldn’t be difficult mocking up a barrage of insults. At least in my eyes, it certainly promises to be something.

If you’re reading this, I hope you’re joining me for GothNo!


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