The Curse of the Main Character


They’re lovely, aren’t they. They tell a multitude of well-developed, detailed stories meant to be told over an extended period of time so that anyone following them can avoid being overwhelmed. Any common characters in them often become legends.

By this point, it should be no surprise for you to hear that I have a series in mind.

This is hardly a new thing. It’s been in my head for years, itching to come out, but every second of that time has been vital for its development. It started as a very basic idea, and now it’s something frick’n huge. And by the looks of things, I think it’s just about ready to hatch.

It’s not so much of a series as it is a proper universe, though. It has a lot to do with a literal interpretation of dreams and imagination. I’ve got four main characters ready, and it’s just about to set off someplace. Which brings me to one point:

There should be at least one full piece of proper work set in this universe by the end of 2011.

Now, we’re one third into October, and I keep saying that I still have no clue what I’m going to do for NaNo. Well, believe it or not, just a few minutes ago, while browsing the Night Circus website (linked to me by Lectin the Wise) I had this sudden idea for something radically different involving a careful selection of my characters in a setting that is completely whimsical in more ways than one. Kind of a horror-mystery, which should be made unique by the characters and conflict I have in mind.

I can’t really believe I came up with that so spontaneously… In fact, I’m outlining it even as I write this.

But that’s only one of several things that I’ve been wanting to talk about for… uh, two days? This post has been sitting as a draft on my wordpress for I’m not even sure how long anymore…

For one, I’d like to bring some focus back into the main overview of a specific series set in said universe:

The general idea is that there’s a small group of socially-challenged fellas who form a small, unofficial crime-solving organ, so at first it’s like a rather standard mystery story pastiche-y feel, but a number of things become increasingly clear: namely, that the truth about the one evil they’ve been chasing since their formation goes far beyond what they could ever have expected, and there comes a slow but concise revelation as to their entire world’s true nature.

Oh, for those of you who might be wondering about the post’s title, I was thinking about my star protagonist, a young, cynical lady who goes by the name of Lauren Marodir. And she’s been giving me a hard time as of late, since I can’t make up my mind about how dynamic I want her character to be. Status quo is one thing, but I’ve already established in my head that the way she behaves through most of the series is rather different to the way she did before meeting her colleagues. Eeh, complicated.

The trouble with most ideas I’ve had to be set in this universe compared to *sigh* the one that I just had, is that (ironically enough) none of them seem like they could stretch long enough to meet NaNo standards if they were to be properly drafted. And considering my current goal for NaNo is 100k with a singly story (not the blatant cheating that I’ve been doing for Camp NaNo and GothNo), that would be deeply troubling indeed.

The second (third?) topic I want to bring up: Writing spaces. Where does one write? How does that affect how they write?

While most of the time I’m horribly guilty of doing absolutely nothing but procrastinating/panicking over homework on my home computer, the other day I happened to have around 2-3 hours of free time between classes in high school, which would normally be ass-paralizingly boring, but I happened to have brought my laptop along. I scored a place at the library (which I didn’t know had loads of electrical contacts built into the walls specifically for people like myself until that day >>) and sat down to make some progress on my GothNo. I did about 3.5k in the first two hours alone, and proceeded to sort of wing the rest.

Needless to say, this far exceeds the amount of work I get done on an average day, so it got me thinking about what the hell I could do to increase my productivity at home. I remember quite clearly that during Camp NaNo, I basically sat on my bottom and did not write a single word until after 3AM , which of course gave me hell once senior year of high school began. Since I can’t ‘implement’ this now, I basically keep telling myself I’ll find a way around it, but so far nothing has been too successful.

Maybe it has to do with the presence of people. I’ve found that I can’t write at home if there are other people awake. Even as I write this, everyone else sleeps, unconsciously lulled by the CLACKCLACKCLACK of the keys. Ugh…

But enough of that. Those energies should and shall be spent on the actual outlining/drafting. There’s one more thing I want to talk about real quick, and it concerns Doctor Who. I’ve just finished watching the final Tom Baker serial, Logopolis.

I don’t want to spoil the feeling for anyone who hasn’t seen it, it’s just… it just feels so strange to see him go the way he does. It’s by far the most powerful moment of the season, and it comes out of nowhere when some of the ‘dread aspects’ of the JNT era are already well set-in.

Oh, well. Here’s something else to brighten your day:


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