Mid-NaNo status report

NaNo does a lot of things to people. Mostly, this consists of neglecting other parts of their life. In my case, among other things, it made me neglect this blog.

But hey, it was for a good reason. The progress ratio turned out pretty good– I won on day 9. But with that victory came something stunting– I ran out of plot.

Now, I suppose I should take a second to talk about what I have been writing so far. I first started thinking about what to write for NaNo a couple weeks prior. It was supposed to be a horror/mystery of sorts with only a handful of elements, and that is the idea I carried forth until a few days before NaNo began, whence I realized I could not carry what I had forward for 50,000 words. Change was in order. I took this mystery, and expanded it into a massive piece of literary fiction, which ended up giving me 50,000 words in far less time than I expected.

However, you can only take this so far. Fellow NaNoer and blogger Kit happened to link me to some kindle ebooks on writing, and I ended up spending most of my non-NaNoing free time reading them. This may or may not have been a mistake, since by then reaching 50k was pretty much inevitable, but it took me out of the NaNo spirit by reminding me how to write a book properly. As such, I ended up taking all that I had written, and actually giving it a plausible structure. After this, I decided to take everything I had up until that point (a draft which, admittedly, was all but finished) and put it away for the moment, since I could not stand to look at it for one more minute without getting the urge to edit. And as we all know, editing during NaNo is a no-no.

So now, I’m hunting something else to write about, and I seem to have found it. Having foreseen this, my original plan was to come up with a bunch of short stories starring the same character I had used for the big draft, but as I tried to put them together, I realised something: after going crazy on a novel draft, writing short stories– even in draft form– is hard. So hard, that I cringed at how slow my wpm became, and I ended up postponing this idea too. However, by some stroke of luck, some twist of fate, this very day I came up with a new idea for an out-draggable plot, and it is now being molded into something else that I hope I can crank 50,000 words out of.

…it’s kind of like a zombie story, but there are no zombies involved. Rather, a disease leaves a wealthy continent empty save for a group of people who are immune to the disease, who are left to feast upon everything the others left behind. However, characters that are good at staying out of trouble are NaNo blasphemy, so complications arise almost instantly.

Well, I think I hear the word warriors calling me. Enjoy yourselves during NaNo, and wish me luck.


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Iker Rivercast is a natural born loner with a knack for writing and programming. When he's not sleeping or otherwise putting off being productive, you'll likely find him trying something new with his written work. View all posts by ikerrivercast

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