2012: What Not To Do

By What Not To Do I of course refer to what I’ve been doing, which has been, essentially, the greatest single procrastination session I’ve had in a long time. Might have to do with the rather limited internet access I have in this new home of mine, but who knows. Theoretically, I should’ve been able to finish up this wretched story ages ago, and yet here it sits, unfinished. That was meant to change by the time 2012 began, but the circumstances are not so.

And so, I am here blogging instead, in the vain hope that this will somehow help me in some other way, such as starting up on something like Milwordy. I am doing that, right? I’m not even sure myself. I do know I have no real way of tracking my progress, though.

Instead of sitting here watching TV series from the past, I suppose I should give at least some dedication to reading. That’s something else I’ve been spectacularly been putting off, but why not, I could get back into it. The night I was trying to best my messed-up sleep schedule, I struck up the first part of A Christmas Carol, which I have officially never read, so I suppose I should also make something more of it. But still…

This new place brings the feeling of lots of things missing. My microphone’s refusing to work  at the moment, for instance, which stops me from providing the gift of my voice unto the birds.

Oh, and James came back, even if it was only for a minute. If you know who that is, good, if not, I’m not going to explain it to you. You should just come around the chat more often. Ask kit or kt, they’ll know for sure.

Well, 300 words in that much time is not bad, I suppose. I could even use this kind of pace to finish off that story I’ve been putting of for such a ridiculously long time. But now, it is time for me to attend to some slightly different business, I suppose. Even if I myself have very little idea of what that is. …you know, at this point, I’m doubting this post will make sense to anyone but myself. Oh, well, this is what blogs are for, I’m thinking. Live and learn.


About ikerrivercast

Iker Rivercast is a natural born loner with a knack for writing and programming. When he's not sleeping or otherwise putting off being productive, you'll likely find him trying something new with his written work. View all posts by ikerrivercast

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