Of steampunk, low fantasy and thieving.


Have you played it? Even heard of it?

Based on the amount of stuff I knew about it before I first heard of it, I’d wager you haven’t.

This is a problem.

It’s also the reason why I got extremely lazy upon winning Camp NaNo…

Which explains why you having never heard of it is even more of a problem.

What’s more, before I got to experience this thing, I barely had any kind of interest for low fantasy and especially steampunk. Even if you share this opinion, let me assure you that this thing alone can change that kind of outlook before you know it.

The story– well, I don’t dare spoil it. Play it yourself and see.

What really sticks out is the atmosphere, though. A ton of work and careful effort went into setting up and revealing every little piece of information about the world the game takes place in, and to allow the player to experience it themselves, to make the universe feel real. I think I can honestly say that was the first time I’ve ever felt something like that done so well in a videogame.

And that’s the main draw for me, too. Besides the gameplay and mechanics being really well done, playing this game will quickly make you realise that the people behind it aren’t just superb game designers, but excellent storytellers as well. Masterful storytelling is a skill that can quickly draw me into just about anything, regardless of how shabby it might look on the surface, such as the classic series of Doctor Who.

(For those of you who haven’t seen that either, we’ve got another big problem right there).

Why am I even blogging about this? Well, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I can safely say I’ve come away from this game (and both its sequels) inspired. I have a certain unfinished piece of work that felt like it was missing something, and now I might just know what it was. Besides, I have to confess this style of gripping, intriguing plotline and the way it interweaves fantasy into it is rather more interesting in my eyes than conventional high fantasy.

And the steampunk– well. See for yourselves.

Do I need to say any more? I should trust not. Go play Thief! (or at least watch a let’s play).


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