Post-camp laziness; the next course of action

For six of the days following the end of Camp NaNoWriMo’s  April 2013 iteration, I have done virtually no writing-related duties, partially due to slight burnout, partially due to illness. However, before the end of this week, I hope to have completed all missing sections of the draft, so as to devote the remainder of the month to editing. This task must be completed prior to the end of June, so I hope not to run into any snags.

Currently, my drafted project consists of 5 short stories and a novella in 7 parts. After the remaining drafts are completed, I estimate it shall add up to somewhere between 60k and 70k in length, to vary according to edits.

Regardless of what happens, I suspect I shall be satisfied as long as I can see whatever the final product is as a physical volume.


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Iker Rivercast is a natural born loner with a knack for writing and programming. When he's not sleeping or otherwise putting off being productive, you'll likely find him trying something new with his written work. View all posts by ikerrivercast

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