Present progress

Immediately prior to a return to university, the project I started writing during April 2013’s iteration of Camp NaNoWriMo stands as a manuscript that is approximately 60,000 words in length and is about halfway through the first pass of revision. Some of the work done of this manuscript was originally somewhat rushed due to semi-related time constraints, but as things stand there is no real deadline. At a reasonable, consistent pace, it should theoretically be possible to finish work on this first revision in a week or two. However, given that I am about to return to a work-oriented environment that is not strictly related to this project, time shall tell how this pace of labor (or a lack thereof) holds over.

Needless to say, I would like to do the best I can as quickly as I can, though it will only be in time that it will be made clear how this progresses.


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Iker Rivercast is a natural born loner with a knack for writing and programming. When he's not sleeping or otherwise putting off being productive, you'll likely find him trying something new with his written work. View all posts by ikerrivercast

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