Future progress

The second week of my current semester at university has begun, with enough time having passed to let me get somewhat settled into the swing of things.

As things stand presently, I expect that I’ll devote most of my time after classes to three activities in particular: Doing schoolwork, revising, and reading. Most of the time, if required reading is part of the schoolwork, it’ll be integrated into the general reading.

What I suppose my primary goal is during these months is to finish doing superficial revisions on my manuscript and hopefully have it polished enough to publish before at least late October, as I also want to start writing a new manuscript come this year’s NaNoWriMo. I expect that one to be much longer than the one I am presently working on, so who knows how long I’ll spend on revising it.

In a way, I suppose I could say that my projected activities cover at least the rest of the year. As somebody who is not constantly concerned by the certainty of their near future, I must say I find this somewhat surprising, though not really something that warrants commenting on further than a remark.


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Iker Rivercast is a natural born loner with a knack for writing and programming. When he's not sleeping or otherwise putting off being productive, you'll likely find him trying something new with his written work. View all posts by ikerrivercast

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