Concerning Camp

Much like in earlier years, I’ve decided to take part in July 2014’s iteration of Camp NaNoWriMo. During this period of time, I’m taking it upon myself to completely rewrite a manuscript I began work on during April 2013, as well as compose a number of short stories to join the three I already have polished, hopefully all to be compiled into one neat, self-published volume.

The primary denomination of these stories’ genre could be adequately described as ‘weird fiction’— the same kind of tale you could expect when reading such authors as H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, or Arthur Machen. There are a few which do fit fairly well into the more conventional side of sci-fi and fantasy, but that, much like genre denomination itself, is rather subjective.

As for the larger manuscript, my current intention is to transform it from what had been for nearly a year —a fairly conventional mystery story with some fantastic elements added in— into something quite different. It still bears the same vibe of mystery and the wait for revelations which was present in its first form, but the setting and premise have gone through a fairly radical transformation, ending up as something I feel will work far better than its previous self, which I had attempted to rewrite a few times, without success.

There is also the matter of the stories I intend to make available here for everyone to see— they’ll fit the same sort of character the other short stories possess, and more on that will be shared shortly.


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