Who’s Iker Rivercast?

The one whose name has suddenly become relevant shows an opposite level of relevancy on an overall scale.

There is much on his mind. His vocations are half writer, half programmer.

He does not speak much. He dislikes when you point it out, or when you try to be intrusive.

He does, however, have quite a bit to say. He just hasn’t gotten around to saying it yet.


This place, what is it?

The Billow st. Bookshop is where Iker Rivercasts tends to spill his ideas. Whenever some of the stuff that stirs about in his head is found to be peculiar enough to warrant telling other people about, chances are he’ll put it on here. This is also a place to find topics he considers obscure or at least copacetic enough to ramble on for a bit without seeming too obtuse.


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