The Tribe

You pass us every day and never see us. We harbor inside us worlds and life and adventure, streaming from our hearts to our notebooks in rivers of ink. We are your sisters and brothers, your colleagues and friends. We are human. We are writers.

We are The Tribe.


Who are The Tribe?

A BA in BS

A BA in BS started off like many things, as a good idea. It has since then become a good, bad and ugly idea; all at once. The blog holds the flash fiction, character work, and writing tutorials of Jessi Peterson. It has been in publication since May of 2008.

Goggles and Lace

Goggles & Lace is the attempt of one aspiring writer to chronicle her journey through the world of speculative fiction, steampunk-philia, and the terrifying effects of her day job.  All on an empty imagination.

KamiYugure’s Digital Notebooks

An artist with very little focus, Dani finds her creative aspirations a mixed bag. Between obsessing over flowers in a novel series about destroying and rebuilding the world, and erasing and redrawing the same quarter inch line in a simple sketch for a half hour, this blogger keeps herself busy. Come in and you’ll learn all about what she does with herself between naps, class and obsessively playing Pokemon.

Beyond the Blank Page

Striving to tell the tales untold, she struggles to turn every moment into a story. Be it beauty from ashes or the fairy tale you have never heard, she will find the adventure beyond the intimidating blank pages. These are works of fantasy, faith, and the sometimes unfortunate truth. These are the works of Katie Gallagher.

The Critical Psychopath

Most bad ideas start out well-intentioned. Most good ideas likewise, start with good intentions. Jasper still has no idea if his writing blog is bad or good. Charting his quality as a writer, Jasper explores writing, life, and attempts to be published all at once. Enjoy your stay, don’t be afraid to leave a thought.

RJ Gough

Sierra Quinn

A simple look into the mind of a girl trying her hardest to be creative. Sometimes it works to the best of her advantage and other times not. In a world that tries it’s hardest to knock her down, she tunes it out with worlds of her own. She is a writer.


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